Laurier House

Laurier House, build in 1902, was in turn the residence of Wilfred Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King, who gained possession of the house in 1921 by a bequest of Laurier's widow.

King, not a wealthy man, struggled to upkeep the property but was helped by friends in the Liberal Party. He never married and his sexual orientation has been debated by historians. Those looking for evidence of homosexuality look to his admiration of the straight, married, Lord Tweedsmuir, who goes on to become Governor General.

He was certainly an eccentric. He had an obsessive devotion to his mother that lasted even after her death. He kept a portrait of her above his bed and is said to have participated in seances to try to communicate with her beyond the grave. 

King also has had the distinction of being Canada's longest serving Prime Minister. He died in 1950 and bequeathed the house to the people of Canada. 

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335 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K1N 6R4