Edge Sauna

In 2007, the owners of the Edge nightclub decided to open a bathhouse called the Edge Sauna, in the same building as the bar. There were already two bathhouses for men in Ottawa, but neither were considered very attractive or clean.

The Edge Sauna tried to offer something different, a chic new place that people would feel more comfortable going to. Figuring the crowd from the Edge would be interested in going to the sauna after a night of dancing, the space never really attracted much of a crowd.

Although the red and black décor was modern and clean, with better amenities, the space was small with only around 20 rooms and a small room of lockers. Perhaps the location was also a factor. Aside from the bar, there was nothing really near the bathhouse at the time, so the crowd that went to CP just settled for Steamworks that was only two blocks away.

At any rate, the bathhouse suffered, and it briefly went co-ed in 2009 before closing completely.

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