Stonewall - Wilde's

Stonewall - Wilde's was a merger of two longstanding gay-owned stores, a bookstore and a sex shop, with its own unique product line of local handmade arts and crafts and men's fashion and accessories.

After Stonewall was a LGBT-specific bookstore started in 1990 by David Rimmer in the Glebe on Fourth Street, first at number 103 in a small, low-ceiling basement room, then to number 105 to expand as more stock became available. Hoping to increase business with a better location in an emerging Village area, and encouraged by Rob and Dale of Wilde's, Rimmer moved After Stonewall to its current location at 370 Bank.

Wilde's was a sex shop catering to mainly a gay male clientele. Started in 1993 by Rob Giacobbi and his partner Dale, it moved to 267 Bank Street in 1995 to a bigger, two-floor location. It moved briefly to 386 Bank near James in a basement location, where the business was purchased by Trevor Prevost. Prevost then moved the business to the basement of 370 Bank under After Stonewall, which was now owned by his partner, Michael Deyell.

With the stores merging, the nature of the stores changed. Stonewall was focusing more on beautiful giftware and local, handmade crafts and art, and Wilde's shifted to a men's den, with men's clothing, accessories and grooming products. It closed for business in 2018.

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370 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y4