Le Pub - Le Studio 175 - Chez Farouche

Le Pub was one of many Hull hotspots when the bars were open until 3am. When it opened in the late 1970s, the space was a huge draw with lineups outside the door to get in. 

Over the years, the popularly dropped, and the bar suffered considerably in 1997 when by-laws in Hull forced bars to close at 2am like Ottawa bars across the river.

However, there was still a loyal crowd who kept going there until 2007, when the owner of the bar decided to turn the space straight. Zelda Marshall, the house drag queen at the time, was promised a farewell performance which was then cancelled at the last moment. The space became more of a karaoke bar after that. 

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175, promenade du Portage, Gatineau (QC) J8X 2K2