Taktiks - Briefs - Lipstick

Taktiks was a hugely popular dance club in the 1990s. When it first opened, it had one main level and remained that way for its first 3½ years. As the popularity of the bar grew, it was decided to expend on a second level witch included a huge balcony overlooking the dance Floor. TakTik was the mecca for the gay and bi crowd. On Saturday night, when at capacity, there was a crowd of over 400–500 peoples.  There was never a dull night at Taktiks.

Posters and event calendars show they had inventive events every night of the week, including male strippers, drag acts, draws, male-men nights for enabling more social connections, and more.

The space is now the Capital Music Hall, and has, on occasion, hosted queer events over the years.

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151 George Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 1K8