Lewis Street Sauna - Steamworks for Men

Lewis Street Sauna, named for much longer as Steamworks for Men, was a men's bathhouse owned by Wayne Cave and Ed St Jean, who also owned CP and Icon. The location was ideal for those who were at either of the bars, but wanted to walk over to the bathhouse if they didn't pick up. It was only two blocks from CP and a few more from Icon.

The space was never known to be particularly clean or glamorous, but though people complained, that didn't stop some of them from going there. The main level had a shower room, sauna, whirlpool, lockers and a few rooms which later were turned into a TV lounge to relax in. The next level up was primarily filled with private rooms, and the upper level had a theatre area and glory holes.

Cave passed away but St Jean kept up the business for many years before retiring and selling. The new owners were spending money to try to renovate the facilities, but the building owner decided to tear down the building and kicked the bathhouse out. At the publication of the VLP, only the shell of the building remains... but if those walls could talk...

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487 Lewis Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0T2