Kind (formerly Pink Triangle Services)

Pink Triangle Services, which recently changed its name to Kind, has a long and interesting history. In 1984, Gays of Ottawa (GO) was recognizing that funding was hard to obtain without a charitable designation. It was decided that a new organization would form that would handle the social and health services side of GO, which would enable PTS to get its status, while GO would retain the more social and political functions.

This included the Gayline-Télégai, a long running support line, and support groups, while GO kept running the dances, the GO Info periodical and was engaged politically. Initially, PTS rented space from the GO office and ran in partnership together.

This worked and PTS was better able to raise funds for its programming. Its yearly Gala at the Museum of Nature was a social event on the queer calendar for many years and raised tens of thousands each year.

The Gayline continued to run for many years. Support groups such as: SAGE, a seniors group; men's and women's coming out groups; a gay father's group; a group for bisexuals; and most especially, a group for youth called PTY, ran successfully for many years.

When GO, which finally became known as ALGBO, closes in 1995, PTS continues to thrive and acts as an unofficial community centre. It moves to 71 Bank, then 177 Nepean, then 251 Bank.

The organization's Dr. Kelly McGinnis Library becomes a major resource for the community. The Wellness Report, published by PTS's Bruce Bursey among others, highlights the need for services in the community, which in turn helps justify the creation of YSB's men's emergency shelter and CCHC's Gay Zone gaie.

In 2015, Kind becomes the successor to PTS, in order to focus more on segments of the community that are still under represented or supported by mainstream social and health services, such as people of colour and trans persons. It moves to 331 Cooper, then 222 Somerset W before finally settling in its current space at 400 Cooper.

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In partnership with the Bank Street BIA and Capital Pride.



9001—400 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON