Inn on Somerset

The Inn on Somerset was a well loved and respected gay-owned bed and breakfast that operated for many years, notably in the 2000s and 2010s. George Hartsgrove, who owned the Rideau View Inn on Frank for many years previously, needed a bigger hotel as he was having to turn away clients on a regular basis.

He purchased the Inn on Somerset to meet the growing demands of his business, and he attempted to turn the Rideau View Inn into Canada's first LGBT senior's residence. Recognizing this was an idea before its time, he sold the Frank property to focus solely on the Somerset one, which held many events for the community, including networking and social events, murder mysteries, and eventually, gay or lesbian weddings.

The Inn on Somerset took advantage of the heritage detailing of the property and was filled with many beautiful antiques in the rooms and common areas.

Richard Brouse, who was working at the Inn for many years, eventually purchased it from Hartsgrove. In 2012, he sold the property and purchased the charming Gilmour Inn at 431 GIlmour, which operates to this day.

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282 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K2P 0J5