David Rimmer

David Rimmer first became involved with the LGBT+ community in his home town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in 1970. He was a founding member of The Zodiac Friendship Society, which was the first registered queer organization in that province. Over the years, this organization morphed into the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Saskatoon and David served on the board of directors for many years including one year as co-chair.

In the early 1980's, David left Canada and returned in 1989, settling in Ottawa. During his years away, he had become an avid reader of queer fiction and found his thirst was not fully met by the slim offerings in Ottawa at that time. Subsequently in 1990, he opened After Stonewall, a bookstore specifically for the queer community. The store not  only provided the community with books and other resources, but became a community hub where people could meet and advertise services and events, find the local papers, seek referrals, buy tickets for events, etc. Over the decades, the store  became a beloved institution. David operated the store for 23 years, finally retiring in 2013.

These days David fosters cats and dogs, drives people to appointments and loves a good lunch. He is in the second of two happy marriages and sincerely hopes it's his last.