David Hoe

David Hoe was part of setting up the UK’s first Gay and Lesbian helpline in 1970. Two years later, he moved to Canada for work. 

Activism again infused his life in 1987 with gay rights and the HIV epidemic. He came to Ottawa to become the first Executive Director of the AIDS Committee of Ottawa. Joining with other AIDS organizations across the country, he worked to develop HIV prevention, care and social justice for people living with HIV, like himself. Public health policy, health services and building community responses were the priority.

Hoe became Co-Chair of the Ontario Minister of Health’s advisory committee on HIV/AIDS. The Government of Canada hired him as a senior policy advisor on HIV/AIDS to help develop national planning for the epidemic. He worked with other people in Canada and internationally to create and empower HIV prevention for people living with HIV.

More recently he was the Chair of The Ontario HIV Treatment Network: a research and knowledge development agency. He now lives in Vancouver and is part of helping gay refugees come to Canada.